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Special Requirements

Accounting / Book keeping

Accounting / Book keeping

  • Completion of initial tax procedures
  • Drafting labor contracts, registration of social insurance and health insurance.
  • Payment of social insurance and health insurance(at Agriculture Bank).
  • Registration of personal income tax code for employees.


Intellectual property

Procedure for registration of Trade marks and Intellectual property

  1. A request made in prescribed form (as prescribed in the Circular No. 01/2007/TT-BKHCN);
  2. Business registration certificate
  3. The sample mark :
    • Elements of the sample mark must have dimensions not less than 8 millimetres and not exceeding 80 millimetres and the overall presentation of the mark must have dimensions in the Declaration of 80 millimetres by (x)80 millimetres
    • In addition to the sample mark attached to the Declaration there must be 9 similar as follows :
  • vouchers to pay fees