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Driving licenses

The vast majority of expats in Vietnam use a motorbike for transportation. If you use a motorcycle here then you are required to have a valid Vietnamese Driver License. If you are stopped by the police for any reason and cannot provide this, then the bike can be seized and you will be forced to pay fines of 2-4 million to have the bike returned, and for not being in possession of a Driver License.

It is a simple process to obtain your license. If you have a valid license from your home country, we arrange for it to be translated and notarized by the Department of Vehicles and Transportation. You will then be issued with a new Vietnamese License which is valid for the same period as your foreign license. It enables you to drive the same vehicles as listed on your foreign license.

If you do not have a foreign driver license, you can complete a simple motorbike driving test and obtain a new Vietnamese License which is valid for life.


Purchasing a Motorbike

Previously, Vietnamese law did not allow foreigners to have a motorbike in their own name, forcing many expats to purchase the bike in the name of a Vietnamese friend, spouse or partner. This law has since changed.

Holders of a valid Residency Card, Business License or Work Permit can now purchase a motorbike in their own name.

Work Permit

If you are planning on living and working in Nha Trang in the medium to long term, you are required to have a valid Vietnamese work permit. The permit is valid for a 3 year period and entitles the holder to work for a Vietnamese or foreign company. It also allows the holder to seek work in Vietnam, meaning that you are not restricted to working for one particular company. Having a valid work permit is also one way to obtain a Vietnamese Residency Card.

If you are planning to work in Vietnam, you should strongly consider obtaining a work permit. Our company has completed this procedure for many expats from all over the world and is here to advise you on how we can make one for you.

Marriage Certificates

Many expats meet their future husband or wife in Vietnam and wish to settle down. IT Bizz can obtain all the legal documents and procedures while advising you on the various steps and processes involved in being granted a marriage certificate between a Vietnamese resident and a foreign national.

Allow us to take care of all the mundane paperwork involved in this process, meaning you and your future spouse can concentrate on your big day.

Property (Rental or Purchase)


If you are looking to rent accommodation in either the short, medium or long term, we can provide you a full list of available properties specifically tailored to your needs. Just tell us the type of accommodation you wish to live in, the desired area and the budget you have. We work closely with many property agencies and can give you a comprehensive list of available properties for rent.

We can also take you to view the properties and help you negotiate the terms of rent/lease and draw up the contracts with prospective landlords.