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Long Term Stay

Residency Card

Nha Trang is full of one time tourists who fall in love with the city and end up spending years longer here than originally expected. As a result, many continue to rely on the renewal of short term visas. These visas are limited in how often they can be renewed which invariably leads to a “Border Run” to Thailand or Cambodia.

What many fail to realize is that if you to stay here long term, there is a fast and efficient way to secure temporary residency that completely eliminates the need to renew your visa. Expats can obtain a residency of 1 year or 3 years, meaning they are legally entitled to reside here for that period without having to renew a visa or leave the country. This card can then be renewed after the 1-3 year validity has expired.

The Residency Card is also multi-entry which means you can come and go from Vietnam as you please and will no longer have to wait at the immigration queue at the airports or border crossings.


Short Term Visa Renewal

We provide short term visa renewals to tourists or businesspeople in Nha Trang. These include 1-3 month extensions or business visa extensions. Visit our office so we can advise you on which visa is right for you.